Texas Instruments

EK-EVALBOT Evaluation Kits

EvalBot Demo at ESD-1


One response to “Texas Instruments

  1. Register for the Texas Instruments Eval-Bot Seminar!
    First 20 registrants for each session will recieve a take-home Eval-Bot.
    Here’s the eval-bot working :

    Workshop will include:
    Introduction to the Eval-Bot featuring the Stellaris Cortex M3 LM3S9B92 – Ethernet, USB OTG, SD Card, Quadature Encodes and RF Expansion ports.

    Stellaris® Robotic Evaluation Board with
    Micrium’s μC/OS-III: The Real-Time Kernel
    by Jean J. Labrosse (board and book)
    The evaluation kit provides a hands-on mini robotic
    platform for learning and using the μC/OS-III
    real-time kernel. The evaluation kit includes the
    following features:
    􀂄 Evaluation board with robotic capabilities
    􀂄 Mechanical components assembled by user
    􀂄 Stellaris® LM3S9B92 microcontroller
    􀂄 MicroSD card connector
    􀂄 I2S audio codec with speaker
    􀂄 USB Host and Device connectors
    􀂄 RJ45 Ethernet connector
    􀂄 Bright 96 x 16 blue OLED display
    􀂄 On-board In-Circuit Debug Interface (ICDI)
    􀂄 Battery power (3 AA batteries) or power through
    􀂄 Wireless communication expansion port
    􀂄 Robot features
    – Two DC gear-motors provide drive and steering
    – Opto-sensors detect wheel rotation with 45°
    – Sensors for “bump” detection

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