Tablet OS Playbook Workshop Requirements

In order to take this course, you will require the following software, accounts, assets and preparation.

The day of the course:

1. Bring your own laptop (with power cord) with 5Gb free disk

2. (Optional) Bring your BlackBerry Playbook and a tethering cable (to connect to your Playbook).

3. (Optional) A plug in charger for your blackberry tablet.

Preparation instructions

1. (2 days before!) Sign up for and obtain BlackBerry signing keys, RDK and PBDT csj files (note that it may take up to two full days to receive the files in email): When files arrive save them to your laptop. Signing keys may not arrive in time or other issues may be preventing you to connect to real device, so please be prepared to use simulator for this lab.

2. You have to install (unless you have already installed)

o VMware player for Windows and Linux (

o VMware fusion for Mac (

3. On your laptop make sure you can unzip the archives created using “zip” format, and have PDF reader installed.

4. (2 days before!) Get Blackberry Native SDK Beta (

6. Using the USB cable connect the Playbook to your laptop. It should start installing drivers for the playbook automatically. Please follow Playbook user Guide if you have issues connecting. When drivers successfully installed you will see Playbook “shared” directory mounted to your laptop.

7. (Optional) Follow the Getting Started Guide to create a run your first application on the device


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