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First Place – EMG Bio-Drive


Imagine RIT – ARM Student Design Competition

Creating a Better Quality of Life!

Event Photos!

Event Videos! (Coming Soon!)

Lucky Winner of a screaming BB Touch!

Glenn Wallace from Computer Engineering was the lucky Winner of a screaming brand new BlackBerry Touch!
Congratulations Glen!!!!

Multi-disciplinary Robotics Club gets mbeds

NXP donated two mbeds to the Multi-disciplinary Robotics Club (MDRC) to be used for workshops and for the “Trinity Firefighting Competition Robot” in the senior division.

Photos and Videos

Dear 2nd ARM Developer Day participants,

Attached are the links to the event photos and videos.

If you happen to have additional videos or phots, please send them to me to be posted.

Photos Flickr link:

Video Youtube links:

Michael Eastman – Welcome (ECTET Department Head – RIT)

Dr. William Johnson – Welcome (Director mcGowann Center – RIT)

Dr. Antonio F Mondragon – Welcomes Bill Hohl (ARM Day Organizer – ARM)

Bill Hohl keynote -Part I (University Relations Manager – ARM)

Bill Hohl keynote – Part II (University Relations Manager – ARM)

Bill Hohl keynote – Part III (University Relations Manager -ARM)

Dwane Bell – Workshop Introduction (FAE -TI)

Dr. Ken Hsu – Workshop Introduction ( KGCOE Professor – Freescale )

Mike Brennan – Workshop Introduction (FAE -NXP)

Brent Wanniga – Workshop Introduction (FAE -QNX)

Suavek Zajac – Workshop Introduction (FAE -RIM)

Dr. Antonio F Mondragon, Dr. Adriana Becker and Christine Burns – Raffle ST Micro M4s

Tim Duffy – Zinq-7000 (FAE – Xilinx)

Dr. Antonio F Mondragon – Raffle Xilinx Spartan 3

Dr. Antonio F Mondragon – Lunch Interviews

Joe Bungo – mbed – hands-on workshop Part I (University Relations -ARM)

Joe Bungo – mbed – hands-on workshop Part II (University Relations -ARM)

Dr. Antonio F Mondragon – TI Evalbot Interviews

Dr. Antonio F Mondragon – NXP LPCXpresso Interviews

2nd ARM Developer Day @ RIT – Student Design Contest

Update on sales as of 11/30 7:35 PM #ARMDevDay

Dear Participants,

Here is a brief update on the event.

We have sold 50% of the available tickets and mbed workshops are sold out.  People are currently on waiting list.



ARM giveaway!

ARM will giveaway an iPad at the event closing!
Please be sure to turn in your tickets to be able to participate!
You have to be present to win!


*** Important *** Tablet OS Playbook Workshop Requirements

Please check the requirements to attend the Blackberry Playbook Apps development Workshop.
If you have a Playbook, you need to register and get some keys with at least two days in advance.

Registration Opens 11/28/11 @12:00 AM

Registration for Workshops and Lunch Opens on Monday November 28th at 12:00AM!
Yes! 12:00 AM!

Register for 2nd ARM Developer Day @ RIT in Rochester, NY  on Eventbrite