So, what is the ARM Developer Day?
This is a unique event targeted only for students and faculty. While companies such as Texas Instruments, Freescale, and NXP are in the business of selling chips, ARM does not.
ARM licenses the use of its technology to big companies such as the ones mentioned above, this is the reason while you can see in this event that all companies can work side by side with no conflicts to show students and faculty the decisions taken by combining ARM cores with their own intellectual property components. The only goal is to have a common processor architecture that will enable users to create the next ultimate application.

Is the event free?
Yes, 100% free.

Are there going to be freebies?
Yes, companies want students to innovate using their platforms and there are going to be door prizes as well as some workshops will allow to go out with your demo platform.

I may get thirsty and hungry. Will drinks and munchies be available?
Yes, we will have throughout the day refreshments, coffee and you can sign for lunch!
We will have ARM chips! Just kidding!

Will I be able to use my ARM platform in my courses?
We hope so, and also you can join other students at the center for student innovation and collaborate to create the next killing application that will make us very rich like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates (yes, us! 😉 ).

Can I just go crazy and register for all workshops?
Yes and No! You can, but you should not. Think carefully which ones you workshops you are going to attend, so you will not leave other students without the chance to participate.

Should I print and bring my tickets to each workshop?
If you want to be admitted and win prizes, yes! Otherwise you should not, just stay outside and see everybody having a blast.

Why companies such as RIM and QNX are participating in this event if they do not manufacture chips?
The common denominator is ARM, the Blackberry Playbook has an ARM inside and the workshops will teach you how to create general and gaming apps in this platform. Ah, by the way! The Playbook runs Tablet OS which is based on QNX real time operating system.
QNX will demonstrate how to create applications on the open source beagleboard platform, QNX is also used in infotainment car systems and networking.

Am I considered kind of nerd if I attend to these event?
Yes! That is why you are in RIT! Nobody will notice! 🙂


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